We register new requirements from our Clients continually for assignments right across the United Kingdom and sometimes overseas. Our Technicians keep us advised of their availability and in turn are kept advised of positions as they become known to us. You select the assignment that suits your needs, or even take a break, that’s the flexibility freelancing offers. We hope you will decide to contact us with a view to becoming a member of our regular team.  However, before you do it’s worth taking time to consider if you have the necessary attributes to freelance. Do you have:-

  • Proven experience in Construction Materials Testing
  • Good communication and organisational skills
  • An independent and entrepreneurial streak
  • An ability to accept pressure
  • The interpersonal skills needed to adapt constantly to a new team dynamic
  • A willingness sometimes to travel and spend time away from family

So why freelance? Well it’s true some are attracted by the money. Giving up your job security and most of the benefits associated with a staff job will be rewarded by higher rates of pay and often, when working under a corporate umbrella and accepting the risks and potential liabilities, lower rates of tax. But many also appreciate the independence, the wide variety of work tasks and locations and the cross fertilisation of ideas and practices.