In such a close knit industry bad news travels fast and a good reputation gained over many years is easily lost. We would sooner forgo business than mislead. We will be honest with Client Companies regarding our ability to supply and the skill levels of the Technicians we propose. Similarly our freelance Technicians are told exactly what they can expect from each assignment. Right from the start in 1992 until today we have forged long term relationships based on straight talking and trust.

We have represented the majority of our Freelance Technicians over many years this in turn means we know them and their abilities very well, we’ve put a lot of effort into finding good people and we do not want to lose them so we also put all our energy into finding them ongoing assignments.

Fresh recruits are vetted before becoming a member of our team, we do everything we can to identify their strengths and weaknesses before presenting them honestly to our client for consideration.